Neck Pain At Base Of Skull

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  1. Matthew T says:

    Throbbing neck pain at the base of the skull on my back right side?
    Hey everyone,

    I was working out a few days ago and wasnt breathing properly doing lateral pulldowns…. All of a sudden, i got this stabbing/throbbing pain at the base of my skull on the back of my head. I didnt really think anything of it until the next day, when I was with my girlfriend and had the EXACT same throbbing pain before the onset of orgasm! I couldnt even finish. So I just relaxed for a few days, took some days off at the gym, did some running, no sex, etc. the running was fine… no pains… then i went back to the gym this evening and on my last set of bench press when I increased the weight, same damn throbbing/stabbing pain!! ARGH! So what is wrong with me… I’ve been doing some research and know its some sort of exertional headache.. but the same pain during sexual peak? could it be coital cephalgia??

    • Nanneke says:

      Sounds to me like you may have a tear in a muscle or something similar. If it keeps bothering you, get it checked out.

  2. MaryS says:

    I am experiencing neck-stiffness turning my head left or right and severe pain at the base of my skull?
    when I attempt to turn my head to the left or right, there is stiffness and severe pain at the base of my skull.

  3. Deb says:

    Pain at the base of my skull that radiates around my neck what could this be?
    When I wake up in the morning I get this pain at the back of my head at the base of my skull that comes and goes with movement. It will wrap around to the front of my neck. It’s such a weird feeling and very uncomfortable. The pain is in the morning usually not really any other time. I am concerned since I use to get this once in a great while, now I’ve gotten it the last 4 days in a row. I have to see my Dr on Friday for something else so I am going to mention this to her, but what do you think?

  4. cc says:

    Pain in my neck and now base of skull?
    Hi, firstly I am going to see my doc but not for a few days. In the meantime I’m not sure what to make of this… doubt anyone can really help here on Y!A but I am in need of something, some personal experience or suggestion – I don’t know, just a little freaked out. Here is whats going on – last Sat I developed excruciating neck pain (no injury or pulling of my neck it just came out of nowhere!). I iced it and took some advil – I was in tears it was so painful. I’ve been dealing with it this week fairly well, very limited range of motion. But now all of a sudden at the base of my skull I am having severe pressure – like a throbbing pain. Movement is very difficult now (mainly to the left but it was right side of neck that hurt). Seems to be at its worst in the morning when I wake up. I am kind of worried bc I’ve never experienced anything like this – I am in my 20′s so it seems strange to just be injuring myself from normal daily activities, ya know? Is it silly to be considering an ER visit? Gosh, I feel like such a hypochondriac. Should I try stretching it or baby it and not really turn it etc…?

    • Susan says:

      I had a similar experience, but it was between my shoulder blades. I went to a chiropractor to, and he figured that I strained it or exhausted it. It may be your posture that causes it or a pinched nerve (and yes they can be that bad), you won’t really know until you find a doctor that can help you. You’re probably going to spend a lot of money trying to figure out the problem. I’d try going to a chiropractor if you can’t handle it anymore. I’m not sure if you can find any that are open on this Monday since the holiday, but I hope you can.

      My chiropractor worked on me, and made me feel better and told me to get plenty of bed rest and figure out which worked out best for me…ice or heat. If your doctor prescribes pain pills…get them! They will be your best friend until you can figure out what’s going on. Good luck and keep trying!

      If you are in pain that causes you to almost cry, go to the ER right now. You are not a hypochondriac, you have very good reasoning.

  5. Desertflower says:

    Pain in base of skull around neck and minor pressure headaches?
    Yesterday, I woke up with pain in my neck that still hasn’t gone away. Today I realized that the pain is acutally at the base of my skull on the back on my right side. It only hurts when I tilt my head that way and its not really on my neck but at the bottom of my skull. I’ve also been having frequent minor pressure headahces and some nausea. I get dizzy when I get up from sitting or laying down and run out of breath easily. I use the computer a lot but I already have perscribed glasses that I wear during the day. I get quick stomach aches that go away or make me use the bathroom and my left eye gets heavy if I’ve been on the computer for too long. What could this be and if you know, could you say where you found info on this?
    Please answer:)

    • Starla says:

      You have all the symptoms of a sinus/ear infection that will probably need antibiotic treatment. Check the site listed below for additional information. Best of luck.

  6. Alex says:

    Severe Tension-like pain in the back of my neck/base of my skull when I masturbate, Would like opinions?
    I’m a 19 year old male, not in the best shape ..
    2 nights ago I was masturbating, trying to see how long I could go on for, it was well over an hour, but as i climaxed this I got this really intense tension-like pain at the base of my skull, and back of my upper neck area, it stopped about 10 seconds after finishing my climax, and I felt light headed , I could hear and feel my heartbeat. At first I thought I over exerted myself but last night i tried to masturbate normally, about 1 minute into it, the pain came back so i had to stop immediately, before I have to take a really embarrassing trip to the doctor, I want to see what answers I can get, anyone having the same problems and/or know the answer to why?

    • Douglas B says:

      A whole hour? You must really be in love with your hand. That is going to wreck you for women man, knock it off.
      The pains you are having are from tight muscles in your neck, easy to tighten up in those cases. Once you release them you shouldn’t have this problem any more. Here is how to release the muscles in your neck:
      Put your hands alongside your head so your thumbs are on the front of the muscle under your ear and your fingers are on the back of the muscle behind your head. Squeeze your thumb and fingers together and hold. Relax your body. After 45 seconds, slowly lower your head as far as you can, release the pressure but hold your neck lowered for another 30 seconds.

  7. Sarah says:

    What could cause throbbing pain on the back of my head above my neck, at the base of my skull?
    I have had a throbbing head ache for the past week, I have went to the doctor..They did a CT scan and it showed nothing wrong. I also have had pain above my eyes, but I got a new eyeglass prescription and that has relieved my head ache above my eyes alittle, but when I stand and walk I still have throbbing pain in the back of my head above my neck at the base of my skull. What could cause this?

  8. Deb says:

    Pain at the base of my skull that wraps around the front of my neck?
    When I wake up in the morning I get this pain at the back of my head at the base of my skull that comes and goes with movement. It will wrap around to the front of my neck. It’s such a weird feeling and very uncomfortable. The pain is in the morning usually not really any other time. I am concerned since I use to get this once in a great while, now I’ve gotten it the last 4 days in a row. I have to see my Dr on Friday for something else so I am going to mention this to her, but what do you think?

    • Douglas B says:

      Headaches do come from the pains in our necks, backs, and shoulders. So when one of those areas are tight you are going to have some kind of headache to go with it. Here are two good exercises to release the muscles in the neck and back. Do the back one first. After you have done them if you still have some pain not addressed, contact me and I will help.
      For your neck:
      place your hand alongside your head and push your thumb in under your ear and place it on the muscle there. Take your fingers and place them on the back of your neck on the muscles there. Press them together and hold a good amount of pressure on them. Then relax, take a deep breath an happening, the muscle going limp under the pressure. Continue to hold until the entire muscle has gone limp.
      Place your left hand on your left knee. Place your right hand over your left shoulder and with your fingertips find the muscle next to your spine. Press on it and hold. Relax, take a deep breath and exhale and don’t tense up any part of your body. After about 30 seconds there should be a release happening and when it does slowly lower yourself forward onto your right leg or even over it if you can, the more over the better it is. Continue holding for a total of one minute.

  9. Amy S says:

    Sharp pain at base of skull on the left hand side?
    I randomly have pain on the left side of the base of my neck. Any ideas as to what this may be?
    I haven’t heard it recently but I have been hearing ringing in my left ear

  10. asana1 says:

    Sharp, Quick pain @ Base of Skull/Top of Neck Area?
    Ever since I was young, I randomly get these electric shock-like pains in the back of my head which start at the base of my skull and just shoot through my head like a bolt of lightning. They are brought on for no known reason, and last only a few seconds. They make me involuntarily contort my head and neck like someone having a seizure. It is very painful, and it scares me when I am driving because I lose control of my body for a second or two. I have asked doctors about this in the past and they just say they have no idea what I’m talking about. They used to happen so infrequently that I didn’t let it worry me too much. But now, they are happening almost every day. I admit I have been under a lot of stress lately, so this could be a trigger. What could this be? Does anyone know?

    • subtle_with_design says:

      I am unsure if this is the same thing but I used to get this and it was a pinched nerve in my neck and it would make me turn my neck in such a way, however mine have ceased to exist now, I would get a second opinion or maybe try a chiropractor instead as it may be better treated by someone who specialises in thiat area. Good luck I hope that helps.

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